Buxton - The Slopes

Saturday, January 25, 2020

A very cold and wet miserable winter morning turned into a slightly milder afternoon in Buxton, so the opportunity to capture (an apparent lifeless) area of the town couldn't be missed!

As I crossed the road and headed towards the steps (1st pic below) it struck me how quiet this locale was getting.
Eventually ascending the steps and eerily looking like some typical sci-fi or post-apocalyptic horror setting, the only real visible signs of life on 'The Slopes' in Buxton was some chap walking around with a camera!

Twelve stone urns on plinths were placed as part of Sir Jeffrey Wyatville's landscaping of The Slopes in 1818 (opposite John Carr's The Crescent) and later altered in 1859 by Sir Joseph Paxton.  

Note: The last eight photos were taken before commencement work on the Crescent building. 

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